Tetris game to play

Many of us are well aware with Tetris games and the bigger part even had played it. Today if you decided tetris game to play and recall time, you needn’t go to the supermarket or special shop in order to find that good old tetris, you can play tetris online, without living your home or office. Besides, you’ll make it sure that the appearance of this game is much nicer the one that was originally. It was presented as alternating zeros and ones! In new version, you are able tetris game to play folding the falling figures in order not to leave empty boxes. Complete lines are destroyed. The essence of the game is to collect as many points as possible. Once the space for the falling figures will not remain - the game is over. The tetris game name comes from the English - a glass. Indeed, the game place remains a flat glass, where are falling variety figures.
After the hype around the game, in addition to the classical, there have appeared many varieties of Tetris. Depending on the option you may change size and appearance of the figures, the speed of movement, difficulty level of the game and even the color of shapes. In addition, the game was adapted for PDAs and mobile phones, making it even more accessible to a wide range of Tetris fans.


-Click bellow to start the game-
also you can change the screen size. use "CTRL+scroll mouse wheel" to zoom

a lot droll storys about tetris history on ather pages on bskin.org


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