Tetris game

There are a lot of different games. Someone likes to play Fallout and Starcraft, and someone prefers play tetris.  Tetris game is much better! It is calm, develops attention and fast reaction in sorting shapes! With no doubt, Tetris game will outlive all the other games in the future! If you're a big fan of the game Tetris, or simply decided to recall the old days, just play Tetris game - Arena. This is a popular classic Tetris game with a 3-dimensional graphics. Very entertaining Tetris game with breathtaking graphics. Tetris AbsolTriks - is at once 18 different versions of your favorite game Tetris! The package includes only the most interesting and popular version of the game. And of course nice graphics with good interface. Classic Tetris game with good graphic and pleasant. The main feature of this Tetris: the possibility to change the interface, choose different levels of complexity, change the direction of rotation of figures...
So, the best way to relax and enjoy your free time- playing Tetris.

-Click bellow to start the game-
also you can change the screen size. use "CTRL+scroll mouse wheel" to zoom

a lot droll storys about tetris history on ather pages on bskin.org


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