Play tetris online without downloading it

You have been dreaming to play tetris online without downloading it? Finally, you dream come true! Creators of casual games have worked on this! So, seemingly plotless Tetris turned into a fun and very exciting action - Doktrix, besides with the medical theme. Imagine, in the laboratory of one Hon doctors began to multiply ... viruses! But, our hero has invented an effective method of dealing with dangerous invaders - the magical multi-colored pills, which can destroy clusters monochrome parasites. To do this, make a writhing nasty mug viruses and pills, the vertical or horizontal chain (not less than 4 in number), forming the same colored rows (drop in a flask drug). You can play tetris online without downloading it and automatically move to the next, more complex level, dealing with all the parasites at this one. Under the "clockwork" musical accompaniment, you can choose from three game modes - Classic, finished levels and non-stop, and also depending on their speed of reaction to change speed limits. The game, designed for a good time, will allow you to enjoy the style and flashy graphics.
So, as you see this game makes a bag, killing your time and raising your mood at the same time! That’s why play tetris online without downloading it and enjoy your game!

-Click bellow to start the game-
also you can change the screen size. use "CTRL+scroll mouse wheel" to zoom

a lot droll storys about tetris history on ather pages on


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