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Everyone likes to play tetris. It is the most popular puzzle of our time. First appeared in 1985, it quickly spread throughout the world. Now Tetris has no equal. This is the only game that for a short period of time became the leader in sales.
The rules of how to play Tetris have not changed much since the release of the first version of the game. In the glass, the size 10x20 cells, in turn, lowered the figure of standard form.
A player's task is to use the control buttons, place the sinking figure in a way that all the cell fields were filled. Closed lines disappear completely, and you get extra points. If in the line there exists at least one empty cell, it remains, blocking the space of the playing field. Tetris game lasts as long as there is free space for the fall and moving figures on the playfield.
In addition to the classic version, there are a lot of games, which became the prototype of play Tetris. You can find a color implementation of Tetris, where the figures are stylized in different themes, or games that are only vaguely similar to this puzzle. Many versions of Tetris have been supplemented by new figures that can simplify or make the game harder.

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also you can change the screen size. use "CTRL+scroll mouse wheel" to zoom

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