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This game should have all Tetris fans. In order to play free tetris you should download it and learn the rules. The essence of the game: almost three-dimensional tetris with volume figures and beautiful background pictures of a tropical dawn, the exotic sunsets. On the playing field (glass) there are droping different boxes. While they flying, the player must move and rotate them so that the space in the glass was filled on maximum. For each completed line there are awarded points.
To play free tetris is easy and funny deal! Besides, it’s yet more proof that classic does not fade, it only becomes more beautiful! And it can be said about Tetris. In this game, it looks almost three dimensional. Figures voluminous, as real power LEGO, and beautiful landscapes give depth throughout the picture. This is a modern reincarnation, and it deserves a solid mark! Tetris Arena is one of the newest and most beautiful incarnations of Tetris today. Just download it to your computer and play free tetris with pleasure!

-Click bellow to start the game-
also you can change the screen size. use "CTRL+scroll mouse wheel" to zoom

a lot droll storys about tetris history on ather pages on


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