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play tetris is one of the cult puzzles of the modern days, which allows developing logic thinking, speed of perception and memory. This game enjoyed by both children and adults since more than 20 years. 

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The rules of play tetris are simple:

Play tetris Figures of different shape fall from above in a rectangular glass 10 squares wide and 20 squares high. Each figure is painted in the unique color. In flight it can be turned and moved across. The figure moves down until it comes across other figure or touches a glass bottom. When a horizontal number of 10 squares have been fully filled, the whole row vanishes and all the above laying figures in play tetris go down one square. If you managed to combine figures in such a manner that 4 numbers vanish simultaneously, it is called "Tetris", and that gave the name to the game.

play tetris
A speed of game gradually increases, the figures become more and more complicated, some S - and Z-shaped figures appear. It is not so easy to combine the figures correct with increasing speed of the game! But what is even more interesting — the excitement is growing, the attention is reaching its limit! One wrong movement can make the situation even more difficult...  Will you manage?
Turn ends when the falling figure touches the top border of a glass. The player receives points for each figure; therefore his goal is to fill the rows without filling a glass as long as possible in order to receive as many credits as possible at play tetris.

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