Motorbike games

Among such great variety of racing games is really hard to find something interesting and competitive from motorbikes games. Racing games realized more frequently, then motorbikes one. Some say they are brighter and customizable and partly it’ll be true. For instance, Blur – is a racing game in arcade style, which is engaged in the development studio Bizarre Creations, known for creating series Project Gotham Racing. Unlike other developments, the goal of this game is not racing, but on different entertainments. Blur is part of a new trend in games. To manage the game is rather easy and convenient for all gamers. The number of cars is low compared to other racing games, however, the machines are made on the conscience. Many of them are modified versions of well-known supercars and other sports models. The name is also reminiscent of famous car brands. For example, instead of the Audi R8 will be Kahn R8. Blur - is the numerous and varied roads types, that will bring you a lot of fun.
But still, if you wish to play motorbike games then choose one of the best - "Dashing motorbikes", which invites you to the world of exciting motorbike games and formidable opponents racers. Gorgeous graphics and special effects, extreme slopes will leave indelible impressions on the game! Choose one of the bikes and down the track! But do not think that everything will be easy. These guys are waiting for that you sucked!
Join the race of this motorbike game and prove that you're cool pepper! Do not forget about bonuses. Forward to victory!
All motorbike games are with excellent animated graphics, have full screen and window modes with thematic background music and sound effects.
Motorbike games are supported by Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or higher Pentium 200MHz or higher 64 MB RAM 15 MB hard disk space Screen resolution of 800x600 or higher Color Quality 16/32 bit DirectX 5.0 or higher. Interesting and exciting game, which is not so easy to win on the first try. This is not an ordinary race, but rather a race with obstacles. You should remember about the speed, trajectory, and even the force of gravity. You may then need to manage not only the motorcycle, but also a racer.


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also you can change the screen size. use "CTRL+scroll mouse wheel" to zoom

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