Indiana jones games

You know him. He lived in the first half of XX century. He had the reputation of the famous adventurer - his name is Indiana Jones. Game history of the famous Indiana Jones has almost two decades. Indiana Jones games 'have been in the hands of' a set of gaming companies releasing their products, not only for PC platform.
Finally, you can become the very Indiana Jones – the legendary explorer, fearless rogue and the most extreme archaeologist of all time! In the yard - 1935-th year, and you are looking for fabulous and magical power artifact from China. It is unacceptable that it got into the wrong hands! You will travel around the globe, fighting the Nazis, the representatives of the Asian underworld and other dregs of society. True, this time, Indiana will fight alone. Sometimes charming and mysterious Mei Ying would help him. Well, in the battles Mr. Jones will need not only tested whip and pistol, but any other weapons and items that are tucked under the hot hand. You can fight in all: even with the bare hands, chairs, bottles, etc.
He will go through Ceylon, Prague, Istanbul, China. But this is not the end of your adventure. From there, you will sail to Shanghai, then in Xian, where the tomb of the Emperor.
What is the most pleasant in this game - so is the total difference between the levels. The smart, not like one on the other, the architecture levels, with a unique ecosystem. A trifle upset gamers: the levels can not be maintained, although this is offset by the fact that the levels themselves are very small. But still: if you fall during the next puzzles solutions, you have to start all over again. But these things are covered by interesting gameplay! By the way, on some levels, Indiana happens to even shoot from the antiaircraft guns on planes.
In general, Indiana Jones games left a good impression, and will suit both amateur’s of Tomb raider atmosphere, or simply lovers of brick-busting action and fighting games. Meanwhile, we have a good, dynamic, and exciting game, with not a very good management - but it can be used to it. Only the most fastidious will be unhappy - I hope you're not one of them.


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