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Tetris games appeared quite a long time. They were hugely popular 10 years ago and were played by adults and children, played everywhere. The essence of the free Tetris games is to stack blocks of different shapes most closely, i.e. without voids. Once the blocks form a complete horizontal line, they disappear. But it’s not so simple. Blocks moving and here you need the fastest reaction and speed of thought - the block to rotate and move all this time until it fell. Free Tetris games are still occupying its own niche - it is a great game to kill time.
Usually, the player loses because of the fact that he could not cope with too rapid pace of the game, or because this particular implementation responds to the keys is too slow compared with the accelerating pace of falling figures, so that a player can not, in principle, to make enough changes to figure.
To date, the game Tetris quite diverse, this allows each player to find something for themselves. There are options when stylized figures for some subjects, the glass early in the game already has some unclosed line, while the rate for all stages can remain unchanged.
Subsequently, the version of free Tetris games was released by Nintendo. That it has become the most famous and sold with more than 3 million copies.

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