free tetris

Free Tetris is one of the cult puzzles of the modern days, which allows developing logic thinking, speed of perception and memory. This game enjoyed by both children and adults since more than 20 years. 



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History of tetris

Surprisingly, this game has been developed by the Soviet programmer Alexey Pazhitnov in 1985 not for entertainment purpose. At that time he was engaged in the development of artificial intellect and speech recognition, and for acknowledgement of his ideas he applied various puzzles, including classical "pentamino". The basic idea of Free Tetris has been born in these scientific experiences — the figures would drop, and the filled rows of figures would disappear. After the introduction of the game to the public in the eighties, it became popular worldwide.

Free tetris
This game started to get into every house. Very quickly practically each person has learnt about a Tetris and has fall in love with this simple game. In the beginning of 1988 companies Mirrorsoft and Spectrum Holobyte introduced Russian Tetris in the European and North American markets. A game free tetris design has been done in the Russian-Soviet style with the portraits of Gagarin, images of Red Square and with melodies from "Korobejniki" and "Kalinka".  This Russian national song often associates with this game...

History of free tetris

For many years Free Tetris has been distributed not by itself but as a package with different kind of games.
There is a large quantity of versions of a Tetris nowadays, what allows choosing the game for all the tastes. You can find FreeTetris practically on all modern computers, including laptops, mobile phones, game boxes and all the pocket game devices.


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