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This game started to get into every house

Very quickly practically each person has learnt about a Tetris and has fall in love with this simple game. In the beginning of 1988 companies Mirrorsoft and Spectrum Holobyte introduced Russian Tetris in the European and North American markets. A game design has been done in the Russian-Soviet style with the portraits of Gagarin, images of Red Square and with melodies from "Korobejniki" and "Kalinka".  This Russian national song often associates with this game. For many years Tetris has been distributed not by itself but as a package with different kind of games.
There is a large quantity of versions of a Tetris nowadays, what allows choosing the game for all the tastes. You can find Tetris practically on all modern computers, including laptops, mobile phones, game boxes and all the pocket game devices..

Tetris online
With us you can play Tetris online - the game which does not have to be downloaded and installed on your computer! It is possible to play it at any moment, having pressed the button Start.
Options allow you to regulate a level of complexity of Tetris Online, its speed, a picture of the following figure, a marking of the game field and other useful details. In the course of game you can see small tips, for example, what figure will be the next to fall. It will help you to make correct decision. The level number, total of the earned points and the closed lines are also visible as a reference.
Tetris Online is such a fascinating game, that is makes you spend hours and hours behind the computer!..
Distract your attention from the routine of work, and give some minutes to a favorite game. Tetris trains your attention and dexterity. It does not matter if you are novice or an advanced player. Everyone can play the Tetris at his own level.
During the game the players collect the points, competing with each other. May be you have your own, unique strategy? Test it in a tournament with a real opponent!
Compete with a worthy opponent, learn who is stronger!

tetris online screen shot


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